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Relaxed Farming ( is operated by Relaxed Ltd.
Relaxed Real Foods (also operating under Relaxed Ltd) is the name of the smallholding upon which Relaxed Farming is based.
Relaxed Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 6410122.
The registered office is Lamorna, Minions, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 5LF.
VAT Reg No. 913 0048 69

Relaxed Ltd is the umbrella organisation which consists of 3 strands: Relaxed, Relaxed Real Foods and our latest addition: Relaxed Farming. It is run by David and Jack. We are both ex-teachers, David in Secondary and Special and Jack in Primary education. Having set up our own business 9 nine years ago, we relocated to Cornwall about 4 years ago, taking up the opportunity of turning a neglected piece of land into something approaching 'the good life'!

Relaxed Farming grew out of our passion for our smallholding alongside our commitment to both share with and educate young people on all aspects of producing one's own food alongside keeping healthy and happy livestock. The whole idea is to bring our 'farm' to your classroom through photographs, videos, teaching ideas and downloadable resources covering a range of content and subject areas.

Relaxed is our website business: offering bespoke and fully managed websites for schools and other educational/ not-for-profit organisations.

Relaxed Real Foods is the name given to the smallholding whose main aim is to provide quality produce/ livestock to local customers based on high standards of animal welfare and husbandry. Its main food production concentrates on chicken eggs, pork, lamb and seasonal vegetables whilst at specified times of the year livestock is also available for sale, namely: pygmy and dairy goats, lambs, rabbits, turkeys, geese, chickens, quail and hatching eggs.

The smallholding consists of just over an acre of land, a 23 metre polytunnel and 2 purpose built barns. The land is divided into several small enclosures to allow for rest and rotation and the barns are set up such that during inclement weather (not that it ever rains on Bodmin Moor!!) all animals can be housed indoors if required.

We receive a huge number of visitors (friends, neighbours, customers who wish to buy) and a future plan is to more formally open our doors to small groups, including schools.

The village of Minions including the Relaxed Farming smallholding
Minions - Relaxed Ltd